Warning Shot

Premieres September 14, 2018 in select theaters and on VOD

Directed by: Dustin Fairbanks
Written by: Breanne Mattson

Starring: Tammy Blanchard, Guillermo Díaz, David Spade, Frank Whaley, Dwight Henry, Onata Aprile, James Earl Jones, and Bruce Dern.

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This Day Forward

Now playing in select theaters around the country.
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Directed by: Brian Ide
Written by: Nick Schober & Brian Ide

Starring Randy Coleman, Hayden Blane, Chet Dixon, Kallen Blair, Meg Thalken, Spero Stamboulis, Nancy Harding, Jennifer Jensen, Bill Grant, Colleen Baker, Mark Denton

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In Pre-Production

The Harvest • sci-fi thriller

The Last Judgmentpsychological horror-thriller

Visitors horror

Bamboo Baby Academy • animation